Make your teeth whiter and brighter

Teeth whitening can make a significant difference to your smile, whether done in-surgery or at home. This simple procedure (using a safe bleaching agent) can transform your smile giving you confidence and a more youthful appearance.


  • A harmless procedure with application of safe bleaching agent*
  • Avoid staining food, drink and smoking for 72 hours
  • The in-surgery procedure takes two hours plus top-up kit for three days
  • Home bleaching treatment only takes up to 10 days
  • Custom-made mouthguard provided to ensure safe home application
  • Mostly painless treatment**


  • Lasts up to 2-3 years with good oral hygiene
  • Natural-looking smile
  • Whiter and brighter teeth
  • Great first impression
  • Look more youthful
  • Improve self-confidence – personal, social and professional
  • Camera-friendly smile

*Consult your dentist and check if your teeth are meanable to whitening. The degree of whitening can depend on age and initial colour of your teeth. Not every tooth can be whitened sufficiently. Bleaching does not work on crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures.

**Occasional tingling or a minor dull ache during or after the procedure can be resolved with an analgesic.


Zoom Teeth Whitening (in-surgery incl. top-up trays, gel)


Home whitening trays and gel


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Cap City Tips

Over-the-counter vs professional whitening

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may be convenient and cheap but are frought with potential issues.

Over-the-counter kits

  • Legally, should only contain 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Less effective and less stable results.
  • More abrasive and can wear the enamel away.
  • Teeth may appear whiter but can result in long-term tooth surface loss.
  • Provided mouthguard less safe than custom-made ones.

Professional whitening treatment and prescribed kits

  • In-surgery treatment and top-up booster kit contains higher level of hydrogen peroxide.
  • A better, more stable result.
  • Custom-made mouthguards avoids bleaching leakage.

Important note: Teeth whitening carried out in beauty salons by untrained staff or staff without dental qualifications puts your oral health at risk and is also illegal.