Resurrected teeth

Until such time we can grow new teeth using stem cell technology, teeth can be replaced with synthetic materials. A dental Implant (a bionic tooth root) and the attached crown can be as healthy, functional and aesthetic as a natural tooth, providing it is kept clean and plaque-free.


  • We listen sympathetically
  • Evaluation for implant suitability
  • Necessary x-rays, CT scan and study models
  • Discuss treatment risks, options and costs
  • Provide a written treatment plan
  • Offer implants and temporary crowns placement at the same visit


  • Restore function and aesthetics of a lost tooth*
  • Restore stability of the bite, tooth function and full chewing ability
  • With good care, implants can last a lifetime
  • Stop bone loss and preserve healthy teeth
  • Painless procedure with local anaesthetic and optional sedation
  • Gain confidence with a natural-looking smile
  • No damage to adjacent teeth

*In the case of missing teeth, consult your dentist to establish if implants are suitable for you.


Dental Implant (Implant, surgery, temporary crown)


Permanent crown


Sedation – gas and air (if required)


Cost of treatment is usually split between the surgical procedure (implant, surgery, sedation, placement and temporary crown) and placement of a permanent crown three month later.

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Cap City Insights

Reasons for implant failure

While dental implants traditionally are successful tooth-replacement options, complications can occur.

  • Lack of integration resulting in loose implant and pain
  • Perimplantitis: a progressive bone loss around implant area
  • Poor oral hygiene and smoking are major contributing factors of periimplantitis
  • Nicotine causing a delayed healing response and reduces blood flow to the implant area.

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