Keeping your oral health in tip-top condition

Our comprehensive check-up for new patients includes an initial consultation, clinical examination addressing your dental health, function and aesthetics. Our recall examination for existing patients includes a visual check-up every six months and x-rays every 18-24 months.


We believe dental health, function and aesthetics are interlinked and can affect your physical, functional and emotional well-being. This underpins our approach and philosophy.

  • We listen sympathetically to our patients.
  • Discuss your needs and concerns.
  • Check teeth, gums, jawbones, and soft tissues.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Necessary X-rays & clinical photos.
  • Check dental function & bite.
  • Check for evidence of tooth grinding
  • Dental and smile aesthetic issues
  • Discuss treatment priorities, options and costs
  • Help you overcome dental anxiety or fear
  • Provide a written report/treatment plan


New patient check-up
(including initial consultation)


Specialist extended treatment consultation


Existing patient recall check-up


Each x-ray*


Clinical photographs

Free of charge

*New patient may commonly need between 2 – 6 x-rays

If you would like a dental checkup or have any questions call us today or book an appointment.

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Cap City Tips

Why biannual check-ups are important

To keep your ‘Teeth for Life’, regular dental check-ups and hygiene treatments are the best way to achieve this.

  • Early-stage dental problems do not cause pain and should be detected before they do
  • You can prevent gum disease and its general health implications.
  • Early diagnosis saves on treatment, time and costs.
  • Regular care is a major predictor of lifelong dental health, function and aesthetics.