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A crown for a tooth.

When and why does a dentist recommend a crown for a tooth. It is important to fully understand the rationale for the recommendation that a tooth be crowned. Like fillings, crowns ‘restore’ the integrity of a tooth after it has been damaged either by trauma or disease (e.g. decay). There will be times when the […] Read more ›

What is the value of regular dental check-ups?

Years ago, it was established procedure that many people went for dental check-ups and hygiene regularly every six months. This seems to have become less common in recent years. Why? Generally dental health has improved quite significantly over the last twenty years and people seem to need less ‘routine’ dentistry. That assertion needs to be […] Read more ›

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Dental Veneers: materials and cost.

In the ‘old days’, if a tooth or teeth needed to look very different, dentists would invariably crown it. That requires the removal of at least 1.00 – 1.50mm of external tooth all the way round the tooth crown; a substantial amount. Since the advent of ‘bonding’ technology (basically the ability to ‘glue’ material to […] Read more ›

Toothache: commonest causes & treatment options.

  What are the commonest causes of a toothache? Toothache is almost  always the result of ‘bacterial invasion’  into either the hard or soft tissue of the mouths. It is almost always caused by bacterial invasion of the teeth or gums. The problem is that  by the time a patient perceives or becomes aware of having […] Read more ›

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