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Dental Veneers: materials and cost.

In the ‘old days’, if a tooth or teeth needed to look very different, dentists would invariably crown it. That requires the removal of at least 1.00 – 1.50mm of external tooth all the way round the tooth crown; a substantial amount. Since the advent of ‘bonding’ technology (basically the ability to ‘glue’ material to […] Read more ›

Toothache: commonest causes & treatment options.

  What are the commonest causes of a toothache? Toothache is almost  always the result of ‘bacterial invasion’  into either the hard or soft tissue of the mouths. It is almost always caused by bacterial invasion of the teeth or gums. The problem is that  by the time a patient perceives or becomes aware of having […] Read more ›

Tooth clenching & grinding. Is this you ?

Tooth clenching and grinding are two separate habits, although many associate both with stress. The clenching is a daytime habit and generally is conscious. That means patients finding themselves clenching, can stop (unclench). This is usually the result of someone feeling angry, impatient or frustrated. The grinding (known as bruxism or bruxing) is a night […] Read more ›

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