Many people hate their smiles because they have ‘let their teeth go’ and they start to believe that correcting their smile is unachievable without a lot of time, money and even pain. However, in most cases, this simply isn’t true.

As you will see…

This is the story of Mrs X. This lady is a hard-working professional, continuously ‘in the public eye’, who actually hated to smile and if forced to would do so with her lips shut tight or with her hand covering her mouth.

Despite the fact that she actually had a lovely face and was a happy, animated, sociable individual, her self-esteem suffered because of her self-consciousness about her dental appearance.

She was convinced that her teeth were ‘too far gone’ and that it would cost her a fortune and take time she felt she didn’t have to be able to correct her smile. Added to that, she was genuinely scared of the perceived pain of dental treatment.

However, on a friend’s recommendation, she finally came to see us on a fact-finding mission, having decided to keep an open mind on all the options that modern dental techniques in the right hands could offer her.

See for yourself

Surprisingly – to her – her dental health and function were satisfactory and all she needed on that score were one or two small fillings and a thorough scaling and cleaning. We then focused on her aesthetic needs and priorities, taking into account her specific constraints of affordability in terms of money and time.

As you can see, the results from that one appointment are incredible. Mrs X now says she can’t stop smiling at people, her self-confidence has improved and she feels that people are more open and attracted to her socially, personally and professionally.

So what did we do?

To achieve this great new smile we reshaped 10 upper and two lower front teeth and fully veneered (covered) them with quartz composite material. This was applied to the outside enamel surfaces, bonded, shaped and polished in just one visit.

We also made her tooth colour a little lighter and whiter – bearing in mind she absolutely did not want the Simon Cowell look!

Time & Money

In all, the appointment took four and a half hours; no anaesthetic was needed and absolutely no pain or discomfort was experienced. In fact, having accepted some ‘relaxing gas’, which combined with her favourite music delivered in noise-cancelling headphones, she actually found the whole appointment quite enjoyable.

The total fee for the twelve teeth was £2,280 (including the follow-up appointment). She had the treatment in an afternoon during the week and went straight to work the next day.

What’s Next?

We’ve given her the options of more extensive treatment that could include replacing a couple of missing teeth at the back, replacing metal fillings with tooth-coloured ones and veneering her teeth in porcelain rather than composite.

She’s thinking about this and has said that she will probably have everything done now she knows what results can be achieved but is happy that the treatment she received was appropriate and ‘doable’ for her at the time and enabled her to have that beautiful smile in just four hours without breaking the bank.

Give us a try

Mrs X has demonstrated that going to the dentist requires having an open mind as well as an open mouth, so you have nothing to lose but your fear of smiling!

Whiter smile

New patient check-up


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