Small Teeth - How to Fix Short or Worn

Too short teeth? Making teeth appear longer

Causes, Types and Treatment Options

Are you wondering "Why are my teeth so short?" Each smile is unique, forming in different shapes and sizes. But whilst it's normal for one or two short teeth, if you've noticed that your entire set are smaller than usual, you might suffer from microdontia, which is a condition where teeth are unusually small or short, which will put you at higher risk for tooth damage, gapped teeth and gum disease. Organise a consultation to treat small teeth.

Types of microdontia

  • Generalised: Rare condition where a full set of teeth are smaller.
  • Relative generalised: The patient has a larger jaw that protrudes, making teeth appear smaller.
  • Localised: Relating to the tooth root, where the crown is atypically small, usually describing one or to teeth that are smaller than usual.

What causes short teeth

Identifying the root cause of your short teeth is essential for addressing the root concern and recommending next-step treatment. Short teeth, which can sometimes resemble baby teeth, are often caused by genetics and are called microdontia. Alternatively gingival smiles (too much gum) can make teeth appear shorter.

Risk factors of small teeth

Aside from being an aesthetic concern, having smaller teeth can put you at higher risk for several conditions. For example, microdontia can cause gaps between the teeth, allowing gum disease to thrive when food gets trapped. Gum disease is a serious condition that cannot be reversed and can lead to receding gums and tooth loss.

Short teeth can also increase your orthodontic risks if teeth don’t fit together properly, increasing the wear and tear of teeth and putting you at greater risk for tooth decay.

Abrasive wear

Short teeth can also occur due to abrasive wear when physical pressure is applied to teeth, often due to conditions like bruxism (tooth grinding), commonly occurring at night when you’re asleep. When teeth are misaligned, the uneven bite forces when grinding can also accelerate tooth wear of specific teeth, causing certain teeth to be shorter.

Other causes of short teeth

Short teeth can also be caused by erosive wear, where the tooth has eroded over time. If teeth are regularly exposed to acidic substances, they can begin to erode. You can usually spot tooth erosion by spotting yellow dentin that begins to show through teeth, giving the appearance of yellow and sensitive teeth.

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