Sensitive Teeth

Tooth (Hyper) Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, certain activities, such as brushing, eating and drinking, can cause sharp, temporary pain in your teeth. We can address the causes of your hyper-sensitivity and offer advice and appropriate treatment to restore your teeth.

Causes and Treatments

Long term sensitivity most often has three possible causes:

Enamel abrasion


This is caused by over-aggressive horizontal hand toothbrushing wearing away the enamel on the outer surfaces of teeth, mainly at the gum line. It causes gradually deepening grooves into the tooth and exposes the ‘sensitive’ underlying dentine tooth material.

How we can help

Abrasion is best dealt with by ‘bonding’ tooth colour matched quartz composite material onto the exposed dentine ditches and adjacent enamel (at the gum line). This not only covers and so ‘protects’ the dentine by restoring a protective cover over it – this will also eliminate oversensitivity in such an area.

Enamel erosion


Overindulgence with acidic natural drinks such as fresh grapefruit, orange or lemon as well as the sweetened acidic drinks such as Colas and many of the energy drinks can ‘eat away’ at the tooth enamel . This is mainly on the biting surfaces of the chewing teeth and the inside surfaces of the upper front teeth. Acid reflux from the stomach causes a similar ( often even worse) destructive effect.

How we can help

Although one can attempt to cover this area, commonly a change of ‘habit‘ such as drinking the fruit juice through a straw may be best advised. Acid reflux from the stomach should be addressed by a doctor.

Hard front bite


If the biting surfaces of the lower front six teeth contact the inside surfaces of the upper front teeth too hard – for example during a simple ‘swallow’ – this will make these teeth oversensitive to temperature. They are, in effect, traumatised by such contacts; front teeth are cutting or tearing teeth and are not meant to touch in a normal bite.

How we can help

A hard front bite usually requires the occlusion (the ‘bite’) to be adjusted. When this is extensive; albeit not really ‘invasive’, it is called ‘equilibration’. Certainly, the upper and lower front tooth contacts are relieved one way or another so the bite is no longer ‘traumatic’.


Gumline enamel replacement (each)


Front teeth bite adjustment


*Fee depends on the treatment time required.

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