London is a thriving, bustling hub of activity and according to the latest available UK Government statistics there are an estimated 914,000 private sector businesses operating here in the UK’s capital. business networking smileAdd to that the more than 700,000 public sector workers who operate here and that’s a lot of people commuting in and around London each day. As a dentist operating just a 5 minute walk from Bank station we get a prime view!

With the rise of more small businesses, start-ups and “solopreneurs” here in the capital we’ve also seen a rise in the number of business networking events close to The City. They range from highly structured, weekly breakfast type meetings all the way to free-for-all, business card swapping functions. Whichever one you think maybe best for you, here are a few things we think may help you along the way.

Three Basic Tips for Business Networking

  1. Business Cards – make sure you have plenty of professionally printed business cards with you that give the right impression about you and your business
  2. Smile – as a dentist, this would clearly be our number 1 networking tip! A big smile makes you look caring and approachable, especially if you have a great set of natural looking, clean white teeth (Get in touch with us if not!)
  3. Follow Up – just like we follow up with our dental patients it’s important to follow up with people you meet at business networking events so they remember who you are and what you do. Build the relationship.

As we mentioned above there are quite a large number of business networking events across the capital so we have searched for those that are closest to us here in the City of London itself. There are a couple of national networking organisations along with some other events that are a little more adhoc.

Business networking events close to our dental practice on Cannon Street

  • 4Networking London Bridge – meets at Cafe Rouge in the Hays Galleria on Tooley Street, SE1 which is just a 15 minute walk across the river from us in London EC4
  • 4Networking Liverpool Street (Breakfast and lunch) – breakfast is at The Merchant of Bishopsgate in Liverpool Street Station and lunch is at The Shooting Star on Middlesex Street. Both are within 15 minutes of Cannon Street.
  • BNI St Paul’s – breakfast starts at 7am (for you early risers) at Cafe Rouge in St Paul’s Churchyard, just a 10 minute walk from 123 Cannon Street.
  • BNI City Lunch – meets at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel on Godliman Street, London EC4, which is also just a short 10 minute walk away.
  • BNI Square Mile Lunch – this is at Forge which is on Cornhill, London EC3, close to Bank station and under a 5 minute walk from CAP City Dental
  • London Chamber of Commerce – they hold a number of networking events throughout the year at several locations. Their main base in The City is at 33 Queen Street just round the corner from us in London EC4.

You can find plenty of other City of London networking events by clicking here for a handy list and checking out the various London Meetups that occur around the City.

If you decide to visit any one of these business networking events please remember to take your smile with you and let us know how you get on.


Main photo credit: Portrait of a female executive via photopin (license)