Our approach to dentistry

The fundamentals: keeping your teeth for life

The basis of all good dental care is to achieve oral hygiene and dental health based on clinical excellence – the predictable and enduring absence of dental disease. Our treatment goal as dentists in the City of London EC4 is to ‘do it once and do it well’.

dental care

At CAP City Dental we always start by examining your dental health. This is the less glamorous side of treatment. However it is the foundation for all other aspects of quality dentistry.

Considering how hard your teeth need to work every day, it’s surprising that they can stay in reasonably good shape for many years – even a lifetime. But there’s a proviso to this: most likely, you can only achieve this with professional dental help.

Germs seek out the weak spots

private dental careYour teeth should be regularly checked so that small dental problems don’t become serious ones. As experienced dentists in London, we believe that dentistry and medicine share the same goals: there’s no substitute for good preventative care. It’s a challenge.

Germs are always seeking out the weak spots:

  • They will attack your tooth enamel in the grooves and where teeth contact each other
  • In the gums – particularly between the teeth and where the teeth ‘enter’ the gum line.

The answer is to make sure that your teeth stay free of plaque (bacterial infection). This involves maintaining an excellent routine of oral hygiene at home as well as having regular dental care and cleaning done by a dentist or hygienist, at least twice a year.

Above all, health

Keeping your teeth for life – which could be another 50 years or so – is a conscious decision you make. At the core is appreciating that dental health is the bedrock that underpins all treatment. That’s what we need to tell you as highly responsible dentists. Unhealthy teeth don’t function well, don’t look good and cannot even be made to ‘look good’.

Dental health self-check

1) Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?
2) Do they look pink, firm and tight or are they red and swollen?
3) Do your teeth surfaces feel smooth and polished?
4) Can you see creamy plaque or tartar around these surfaces?
5) Can your tongue detect any jagged edges or 'holes'?

A YES answer indicates that you should have your dental health checked.
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