Private Dentists

Directions from Aldgate (EC3N):

  • 6-minute drive via A1211 to EC2N 2HE
  • OR a 9-minute walk via Bishopsgate/A10
  • 6-minute tube (Metropolitan towards Chesham)
CAP City Dental provides incredible dental treatments and experiences worth paying for. Our central London practice in Liverpool Street (6 minutes away), opened in 1998, has harnessed same-day dentistry techniques and skills for the past 25 years – making us the go-to for fast, but incredible smile transformations.

Accepting new patients and one-off commuter appointments for patients travelling to us from Aldgate, Bank, Monument and Fenchurch Street.

All smile problems sorted

  • Decay, cavities or lost fillings? Enjoy natural-looking white fillings costing from £95.
  • Missing teeth? Explore traditional prosthetic options, or advanced life-like replacements using dental implants from £2,870.
  • Weakened or damaged teeth can be protected with dental crowns from £950.
  • Discoloured, stained or yellowish teeth? Whiten them in the chair or at home for £360.
  • Chipped, broken or cracked teeth? Composite bonding from £95 might solve all your worries, or if not, composite veneers from £250, or porcelain veneers from £1,150 definitely can.

Known as the best

  • We can offer joint consultations
  • Open late most evenings
  • Complex situations and cases welcomed
  • Faster, more accurate appointments
  • Our treatments have a success rate of 98.7%

Start with a check-up

Been a while since you last visited the dentist? Or are you just in time for your next check-up? The best place to start before any dental treatment is with a check-up to assess the current condition and health of your teeth and gums. For new patients, our comprehensive, 1-hour long check-ups cost £155 and will cover a six-point check of your oral health and bite.

See progress with a hygiene session

Often, the next best step after a check-up is jumping straight into a hygiene session, which can address and act quickly on any concerning factors we might have discovered during your check-up appointment. Hygiene appointments are also critical in preventing and managing conditions like decay and gum disease as they remove tartar and plaque build-up, which if not removed can lead to serious problems like gum recession in the future. Hygiene cleans start from £155.


Five-star dentistry, but affordable

White dental fillings

from £95

Dental crowns

from £950

Tooth extraction

from £185

Tooth whitening

from £360


from £250

Composite bonding

from £95

Dental implants

from £2,870

Call 020 7621 0600

Same-day emergency appointments

  • Sharp tooth pain or toothache that’s bothering you?
  • Lost filling, broken crown or chipped tooth?
  • Abscess or infection?

Book an emergency appointment at our Liverpool Street practice today to be seen hopefully within one hour of your call. We know what it’s like to be in pain, and our emergency dentists will always make the extra effort to see you as fast as possible. Appointments cost £180, but the cost is waived if you proceed with treatment.