Dental anxiety introduction

Helping you overcome your fear

Some nervous dental patients suffer anxiety attacks when having to visit the dentist. An understanding dentist can handle this by combining empathy, explanation and relaxation aids.

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At Cap City Dental, we find that dental anxiety is as much a problem for the dentist as it is for the nervous patient, because proper treatment is not being done at the right time to prevent decay. If you’re gripped with fear every time you think about visiting your dentist – relax! Here’s how CAP City Dental can help to calm you down:

  • We take the time to listen and be empathic, never rushing.
  • We explain the procedure in detail – ‘what, how and why’.
  • If local anaesthetic is needed, we apply it gently, since many patients ‘are scared of the needle’.
  • We can provide Relaxing Gas to help anxious patients achieve a greater sense of calm (a big plus!).
  • We caringly follow up on extensive difficult procedures.

Relaxing Gas

Relaxing Gas is a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen which you inhale through a nose piece. It’s totally safe (women in labour use it) and allows you to be detached from the sensation of treatment. While you still hear everything, you don’t focus on what the dentist is doing. Time seems to move faster. When the nose piece is removed, you immediately return to normal alertness.

Our dentists have successfully used the tried, tested and very safe technique of ‘Relaxing Gas’ (Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen conscious sedation) for over 30 years now. This is even more effective for nervous patients if combined with appropriate music delivered through noise cancelling headphones. Today, modern dentistry can and should be absolutely pain free.

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