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Healthy teeth – radiant smile

You just need to open any magazine or newspaper supplement to see media people with broad smiles and beautiful teeth. Either they were born with those smiles or they have had dental work done. Either way, they know that they need their smiles to look good.

It’s a proven fact that attractive teeth can change your self-confidence and the image you have of your own body. When you smile openly, you can improve relationships with those around you. By contrast, if you don’t like to smile, you may well be ‘blocking yourself off’.

Some people ‘in the news’ – politicians, business leaders, figureheads in science or the professions – don’t have attractive teeth. These faults are often exaggerated whenever a caricature is done of them. It’s unpleasant to consider that somebody could portray you in that way! See Common assumptions of smile makeovers.

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Happy and confident smile

Of course different cultures have different sensitivities. Society in the USA demands more in the way of dental aesthetics than society in the UK. They tolerate fewer imperfections. But even over here, the trend is towards greater physical awareness and sensitivity about being aesthetically pleasing.

We see the popularity of the ‘selfie’, especially among the young – which shows that people today are far less self-confident about being photographed. This in turn is prompting the young and the young-at-heart to take better care of their teeth. With attractive teeth they feel healthier, fitter and more alive.

So here’s a thought to start off the New Year. If until now you’ve avoided the camera because you were bothered about your smile or your teeth, why not do something about that? See a new dentist and find out what can be done. It may be easier and cheaper than you think.

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