Is it getting boring talking about smoking?

Well, who doesn’t know about all the ‘wonderful benefits’ of smoking ?

Greatly Increased likelihood of :

A) Lung , throat, mouth, tongue cancer.

B) Heart disease

C) Emphysema (permanently reduced lung function).

D) Reduction in fitness and an increase in tiredness .

And a host of many other pretty nasty conditions.

The problem is that these conditions start pretty invisibly, painlessly and often slowly. Consequently, they are often missed until they become more significantly advanced and then they may well kill you!

So what about the teeth and smoking?

talking about smoking
Smoker’s Teeth

Well smoking will not give you ‘cancer of the teeth’.

However it does cause some pretty unpleasant side effects which really affect the quality of your teeth. And they are usually fairly obvious to others; a bit of an unwanted advertisement!

  • Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. That means it narrows the blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to the tissues, reducing the healing capacity of tissues such as the gums. Consequently, any presence of plaque will have a magnified and accelerated negative effect on gum disease.
  • For the same reasons, healing after any surgical procedure in the mouth, such as the placement of an implant, tooth extraction, or corrective gum surgery etc. will be delayed and compromised, with increased chances of post operative infection.
  • BUT, the least harmful (in reality) and yet the mostly obvious is  tooth staining . The teeth become dirty looking and brown. The smile becomes ugly and the effect is very ageing (as it often reflects how long the person has been smoking). It’s becoming considered more and more antisocial and it’s pretty unsexy! How many people like the idea of kissing the lips and teeth of a smoker, let alone smelling his or hers foul breath? Of course if a smoker kisses another smoker, they may not care too much, as their sense of smell and taste has been so reduced by the smoking habit, they wouldn’t notice! Those senses do return, however, after cessation of smoking .

So how about finally kicking the habit immediately after a good thorough dental scaling and hygiene session?

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