Tooth Grinding London

The self-destructing habit

Teeth grinding (bruxing) is unconscious nocturnal habit, which is often associated with stress, can deform the shape of your teeth, wear them down, affect your bite, chewing and make your face look prematurely old. Restoring your teeth’s natural looks and protection will rejuvenate your smile and reverse the effects of bruxing.


  • Worn-down shortened teeth
  • Flat canines
  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Unusually sensitive teeth
  • Disturbing grinding noises
  • Destruction of tooth enamel
  • Loss of canine teeth protection
  • A prematurely aged look


  • Diagnosis of tooth wear causes and its aesthetic effects
  • Correcting the unbalanced bite if necessary
  • Add canine tips to protect other teeth from further wear
  • Other teeth aesthetically affected can be restored with composite or porcelain
  • A temporary mockup can show functional and aesthetic benefit of the treatment

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Two canine tips replacement


Bite adjustment


*Fee reflects the complexity of adjustment and time required.

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Our unique approach

An alternative to plastic night guards

Many dentists recommend wearing a plastic removable night guard on the upper or lower teeth. Mouthguards are intrusive, unhygienic and bulky so patients stop using them. See gum disease and bruxism.

Our treatment solution involves a replacement of worn-down flat canine tips to re-establish their protective function. This treatment is much more logical than the mouthguard option. More on tooth-grinding.

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