I’m a nervous patient. Can you help me?

Nervous patient techniques

For the last two decades, our leading dentist, Dr Druttman, has recognised the importance of dental anxiety and the role it plays in preventing a huge number of patients from seeking the help they need to eliminate any pain.

Our practice has been designed to create a positive, friendly patient experience with a relaxing environment.

Our nervous patient approach

We have an extraordinary approach for nervous patients, which we have perfected over the last 20 years.

It always begins by taking time with patients, listening to their needs, and providing relaxation techniques to help patients feel at ease.

Read this patient’s experience with us and how we helped overcome their dental anxiety. Think you have an extreme dental phobia? Let one of our team know before your visit.

We provide sedation for anxious and phobic patients

At our London practice, we can use relaxing gas (Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen), a type of conscious inhalation sedation that will help calm your nerves and put you at ease during your treatment. We find that pairing this type of sedation with noise-cancellation headphones and the patient’s music choice helps them feel comfortable and receive the treatment they need.

Explore our dental sedation options in full.

Dental anxiety management:

  • Time is set aside to listen sympathetically to patients’ concerns.
  • Explanation of the procedure in full, with step-by-step instructions.
  • We encourage questions to help the patient understand fully.
  • Needle-free sedation options, relaxing gas and music.
  • Frequent check-ins and assessment of how the patient is handling treatment.

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What happens if I have a panic attack?

Our staff, from dentists to dental nurses, is trained to handle nervous patient cases professionally and gently.

We know the crucial signs to recognise, which you might involuntarily present and will respond gently and patiently. 

Please let us know if you experience any level of dental anxiety and if your dental phobia often leads to instances like panic attacks.

Throughout the treatment, we will also check in with how you’re feeling and where your level of anxiety currently sits and will take periodic breaks if any stage of the procedure is too overwhelming for you.

Together, we’ll agree on a signal for you to make if you feel overwhelmed or need the treatment to stop for any reason. 

We find that our open discussion around individual triggers of anxiety helps our dentists work with you to tailor a management plan that works. We can also work with you to develop psychological coping techniques like deep breathing, which will be calming and reassuring throughout your experience.

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Can I bring a friend or family member?

If you’re particularly nervous, a friend or family member is welcome to join you at your appointment. Having someone you trust by your side can make a huge difference in how you feel about your dental appointment. Your friend or family member can also remind you to ask specific questions regarding a procedure that you might feel too nervous to ask otherwise. You can even write down a list of questions beforehand, which the dentist can answer during your appointment.

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