I’m a dentist. How do I refer a patient to you?

Dental referrals

Thank you for considering Cap City Dental for your referral; with dental specialists like prosthetic expert Dr George Druttman as our Principal Dentist, we hope you know that your patients will be in the right hands.

We'll continue to provide the fantastic, high-quality care your dental patient is used to, and with over two decades of experience in delivering incredible patient care to thousands in London, you can rely on us to manage your patient's treatment while keeping you fully informed and up to date.

Our dental team includes:

  • General and root canal dentists
  • Registered specialists
  • Dentists with special interests

All clinicians are highly qualified, trained, and fully supported, and they have access to the latest equipment in a fantastic environment in the City of London (EC2). Get familiar with our team.

We accept dental referrals for:

  • Prosthodontics
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontics (using clear aligners)
  • Dental sedation (using Nitrous Oxide)
  • Endodontics

Learn more about specialist referrals.

The simple way to make a referral

Referring dentists are encouraged to contact the practice by telephone or email so we can get back in touch to discuss your referral in more detail.

Here at Cap City Dental, we take the personal approach and want to ensure we learn about your patient in as much detail as possible.

Following this, if you’re happy to proceed, we will contact the patient within 48 hours and schedule an appointment.

We always refer your patient back to you

From start to finish, the suitable clinician for your case will keep you fully updated and informed regarding your patient’s treatment, plans and progress. Patients are always referred to their original practice for continuing care, and no further work is undertaken without your consent.

If the patient is only being referred for assessment planning, we will send a letter back to you detailing the findings and options discussed as soon as possible with any relevant scans. Alternatively, if the patient is under our care for dental treatment, upon their discharge, we will also provide a letter that details the treatment provided, aftercare and best next steps for your records and management.

Cap City Dental has a strict policy of not taking on any patient referred to us by another practice to ensure fair service to our dental referrers.

What you might need to know about our practice before you begin

  • We are a general dental practice specialising in reconstructive dentistry, offering restorative and some cosmetic solutions, including dental crowns, porcelain veneers, whitening and dental implants.
  • Our practice does not accommodate referrals for orthodontic treatment that requires fixed braces, oral surgery, or a specialist orthodontist.
  • Dentists hoping to refer to our practice for specialist endodontic treatment or work involving a periodontist or implantologist should seek out alternative practices to refer to.
  • We believe in providing dental excellence within a comfortable, safe and friendly environment, with a dedicated team that constantly strives to provide tailored care and solutions for nervous patients.
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