How often do I need a check-up?

Frequency of dental check-ups

To keep teeth clean, healthy, and white, our dentists recommend you book a dental check-up exam every six months.

Checking the teeth, gums and bite twice a year means that patients can often avoid costly repairs and restorative treatments in the future by being one step ahead of potential problems.

Regular dental check-ups help with the following:

Keeping gum disease at bay or managing symptoms.

  • Prevention of bone in the jaw from regressing or gum inflammation.
  • Keeping dental fillings healthy, noticing signs of deterioration or need for replacement.
  • Ensuring the integrity of your existing dental restorations like crowns and root canals.
  • Check the bite to ensure both upper and lower jaws are in harmony.
  • Managing bad breath and eliminating halitosis through regular checks and intervals.
  • Maintaining the healthy aesthetics of a natural smile.

Do I have to visit the dentist regularly?

As general dentists, we know the importance of preventative dentistry, which will check for many early problem signs and indications during each check-up. It also means that we can track the progress of your earlier restorations and treatment and ensure that proper care and attention are taken with your smile.

If we spot or observe a problem and treat it early, the patients can do so relatively quickly and inexpensively. It’s usually when there are signs of decay or gum disease that the patient is not yet aware of that can cause damage when bi-annual check-ups are not scheduled.

Therefore, seeking treatment as a preventive measure is better than only doing so when there’s a problem. Fix or prevent?

What bi-annual check-ups include

  • Evaluating gum health to identify signs of inflammation (bleeding or pocketing).
  • Checking for early failure of old restorations (leakage or fractures).
  • Discover any evidence for new decay.
  • Evaluating the teeth, bite and gums for any changes or increases in aggressive tooth wear.
  • To discover signs of night-time tooth grinding or bruxism.
  • Ensure that the bite of the upper and lower teeth remains evenly balanced.
  • Looking for any signs of oral cancer or symptoms of development.
  • Signs of gum swelling, bleeding, tenderness or gum recession.
  • Pockets checked to identify any areas of bone loss associated with gum disease.

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Why bi-annual check-ups are important – why do I need a dental exam?

If you don’t want false teeth in your older years, it’s best to be proactive and keep your natural teeth in good shape. With modern, higher standards of dentistry, this is possible. Natural smiles can last us forever with proper care and regular dental maintenance, which involves six-monthly check-up routines alongside hygienist appointments and cleans.

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How much does a check-up cost?

A check-up at our City of London clinic costs £155 for new patients, not including x-rays (charged at £19 per x-ray). The check-up typically takes up to an hour and is a comprehensive assessment of your overall oral health. Existing patients can go on to book their regular or bi-annual check-ups for £95. Register as a patient.