Can I get an emergency appointment if I’m not a patient?

Non-registered patients accepted for emergencies

At Cap City Dental, we do not require patients to be registered to receive an emergency appointment.

However, registration takes only a few minutes and can be completed online, which might save you some time if you need a check-up rather than an emergency appointment.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

You’ll require an emergency, same-day appointment if you’ve lost a dental restoration, chipped a tooth, or experienced tooth pain or toothache.

Emergency appointments often deal with abscesses and swelling around the mouth area or bleeding and trauma, for example, from knocking out a tooth.

However, other problems like severe toothache and badly cracked or dislodged teeth can also be considered emergencies.

Learn more about dental emergencies.

How to book an emergency appointment

If you’re trying to book an emergency appointment during opening hours, the best way to secure one is by calling us on 020 7621 0600.

That way, you’ll know instantly if we have the space to accommodate you and have any questions answered simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can book through our website here or via email. Patients can also chat with us live.  If you request an appointment outside of office hours, email us at

How much does an emergency appointment cost?

An emergency appointment costs from £95, and if you decide to proceed with treatment on the day, you’ll only be required to cover the cost of your treatment, not the appointment fee. Any x-rays taken are charged additionally (£19 per x-ray). 

Are you open outside of normal office hours?

We’re not a 24-hour dentist; unfortunately, we’re unavailable seven days a week. We’re a general dentist with regular opening hours between 9.30 am and 6 pm, Monday through Thursday. We’re closed on weekends.

Patients submitting an emergency enquiry overnight can rest assured that their enquiry will be picked up first thing in the morning, and we’ll contact you to let you know if we can accommodate them.

See our opening hours.