Dental check-ups London

Keeping your oral health in tip-top condition

Time for your next check-up? Experiencing some tooth pain? Our comprehensive check-up for new patients includes an initial consultation and clinical examination addressing your dental health, function and aesthetics. We offer comprehensive solutions for your dental problems quickly and efficiently.

Dental check-up costs

Our check-ups in the city of London cost £155 for new patients and take less than an hour to complete.

What the fee includes:

  • A six-point check to assess your teeth, bite and gums.
  • Assessment of how the smile functions.
  • Detection of bruxism and tooth-grinding smiles.
  • Evaluation of overall dental function and bite.
  • Comprehensive treatment planning and next steps.

Signs you need a check-up straight away

  • Tooth pain or toothache
  • Jagged tooth edges or gaps
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Teeth turning black or with brown stains
  • Bleeding, sore, tender and swollen gums
  • Pinker gums than usual
  • Bad breath and tartar build-up
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity

If you feel like you need an emergency appointment due to unbearable toothache or other worrying symptoms, we charge £115 for an emergency appointment, or if you decide to pursue treatment the same day then you’ll only need to cover your treatment costs

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Our approach

We believe dental health, function and aesthetics are interlinked and can affect your physical, functional and emotional well-being.

This underpins our approach and philosophy.

  • We listen sympathetically to our patients.
  • Discuss your needs and concerns.
  • Dental and smile aesthetic issues addressed.
  • Discussion of treatment priorities, options and costs.
  • Help you overcome dental anxiety or fear.
  • Amalgam-free dentistry with white fillings.
  • Minimally invasive treatment approach.

Combine with a hygiene appointment

Save time and book a hygiene session for the same time as your appointment. Costs £155.

  • Assessment for oral conditions like gum disease.
  • Ultrasonic and hand scaling to remove hard-to-reach plaque and tartar.
  • De-staining using our ‘prophy-jet’ air polisher to remove surface stains.
  • Optional relaxation gas for your comfort.
  • Guidance on preventing oral diseases like gum disease.

Explore our hygiene options in more detail.

Check-up Fees

New patient check-up
(including initial consultation)


Existing patient recall check-up


Each x-ray*


Clinical photographs

Free of charge

*New patient may commonly need between 2 – 6 x-rays

If you would like a dental checkup or have any questions call us today or book an appointment.

Call 020 7621 0600
Tips for the best care

Why biannual check-ups are important

To keep your ‘Teeth for Life’, regular dental check-ups and hygiene treatments are the best way to achieve this.

  • Early-stage dental problems do not cause pain and should be detected before they do
  • You can prevent gum disease and its general health implications.
  • Prevent tooth loss, bone loss and advanced dental decay.
  • Stop gum disease progressing to more advanced forms of the disease.
  • Early diagnosis saves on treatment, time and costs.
  • Regular care is a major predictor of lifelong dental health, function and aesthetics.

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