Gapped Teeth

Diastema or gaps between teeth

Gaps in Teeth - Causes & Treatment

If you've landed here, the chances are you have gapped teeth, which never closed by themselves as you aged. Or perhaps gaps are suddenly forming between teeth. And in some cases, diastema can fix itself, but in your case, maybe not. So, if you don't want to embrace gapped teeth or your smile imperfections, you don't have to. There's simple, fast, one appointment treatments can close gaps today. Organise a consultation.

Reasons for gapped teeth

Most patients with gapped teeth have them because of diastema, a natural development that can sometimes close on its own with the development of adult teeth coming through. However, patients experiencing shorter or smaller teeth have more space in their mouths, which makes them more susceptible to gaps. Poor alignment can also result in gaps as jaws do not fit together as they are supposed to, or there is a difference in size between the size or shape of the jaws.

Gaps caused by tooth loss

Gaps in your smile can also be more obviously caused by tooth loss or missing teeth. If you were born with congenitally missing teeth, your baby or adult teeth never came through and in some cases, remain stuck in the bone. Patients, who have lost a tooth through decay, trauma or gum disease can find simple solutions to close gaps like dental implants.

Side effects of gapped teeth

Besides causing issues like self-consciousness, particularly in cases where the gap between teeth is large and prominent, gapped front teeth, caused by genetics, can also lead to other teeth becoming crowded or crooked.

Large gaps in the front teeth sometimes do not leave enough room for other teeth to come through and merge properly, which can cause issues with your bite and the balance and harmony of your smile.

Gaps suddenly develop between teeth

Not born with a gappy smile? Have gaps developed in your smile over time? It might be down to periodontitis – where teeth aren’t drifting apart, but rather your gums are receding and pulling away from teeth, causing the appearance of small gaps between teeth. Periodontitis is serious, and once gums have receded, they don’t grow back. Stop the problem from getting worse.

Cosmetic dentists who can take care of the gaps

Some patients want to fix gapped teeth without braces, which is understandable, even with invisible options on the market. But closing gaps between teeth is so much more easier and immediate with cosmetic dentistry as opposed to orthodontics. We can close gaps in one appointment with composite bonding, or even makeover your smile with veneers.


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