From loo rolls to living: Leaving home after the lockdown

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Fear is natural and can be very valuable. It is an instinctive reaction to situations of threat and protects us from harm by preparing us to fight or take flight. A useful reaction if we are about to be attacked by a tiger. Sometimes, however, our fears get out of proportion and do more harm than good. They then become a block to our having something we rationally know we truly want or need.

If you have been to a job interview or made a public presentation you probably have had inner conflict – a battle with your fearful part and your rational part. A  fearful voice inside your head said, “ this feels too scary, don’t do it!”. You pushed through your fear because, rationally, you knew that what was on the other side of your fear was worth having. Despite feeling fearful, you put your rational self in charge of your actions.

Here we are coming out the other side of a pandemic, when it is natural to feel fear of leaving home to resume activities which mean being around others again. Once again, you probably have an inner conflict between your fearful part and your rational part.

The good thing is, you have fought and won such inner conflicts a hundred times before. Just like when going for that job interview, or delivering that presentation. You can rationally decide if what is on the other side of your fears about that trip on public transport into the City is worth having.

Top Tips

  • Strengthen your rational self.
  • Gather facts and information about your trip and dental appointment in advance.
  • Think about what you can do to look after yourself and ease your anxieties both on your trip and at your dental appointment. You will feel less scared if you are self aware and prepared.

Your visit to the dentist is all part of taking good care of your health. It is well worth investing the time to put your rational self in charge of getting you there.

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About the author

Liz Karter is a leading UK therapist specialising in addiction and all related problems including stress, depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. Liz is also an author, consultant therapist to TV and radio and corporate trainer and consultant. Liz previously written a helpful blog ‘Don’t let fear stop you smiling’ and she has recently launched a podcast ‘Where Kindness starts ‘. For more information visit .

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