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Tooth Extraction

In the unfortunate case that a tooth needs removal, this does become a surgical procedure, albeit often quite minor. Teeth used to be removed with forceps (the general public often think of the rather ‘barbaric’ term, pliers!).

Today, forceps are occasionally used, but more commonly teeth are gently teased or elevated out more delicately. In any event, competent experienced practitioners never use force. Moreover with the use of effective local anaesthesia, sometimes with some sedation, the procedure should never be painful.

In aesthetically significant areas, the resultant gap can almost always be immediately temporarily filled, avoiding embarrassment.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Not so long ago, most wisdom teeth were routinely removed. Now we evaluate the need and indications for their removal more critically. If they are causing a problem such as being impacted, or are very likely to, they are removed. If they are deeply buried and unlikely to become problematic, they are most likely going to be left untouched and may remain  in place for life. For more information on wisdom teeth please read our blog articles by clicking here.

Obviously because some tooth extractions take a few minutes and others can take an hour or even two, the fee charged will vary significantly and has to be quoted on an individual basis.

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