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Emergency Dentist Appointment

Obviously an emergency dentist appointment could be anything! For some people it may be some bleeding from the gums or a small bit chipped off the tooth. For others it might be a raging toothache and swelling that has kept them awake for the last week! Consequently, it is impossible to explain what would be involved in such an emergency appointment. We would try to ascertain the cause and severity by asking a few questions on the phone before making the appointment.

A minimum of ½ an hour would be provided for an emergency dentist appointment, although if it seemed that longer would almost certainly be necessary, an hour would be given. At that appointment, we would always try to ‘fix’ the problem or at least reduce and treat any pain if that was evident. Such an appointment does involve a limited examination (localised to the area in question), often although not always an x-ray or two, possible antibiotic prescription and a consultation to discuss the problem. Any treatment recommended would be discussed and quoted for before it would be commenced.

It is therefore very difficult to quote for such an emergency dentist appointment ahead of time. The fee would always be a minimum of £115, that would cover the minimum of the ½ hour of clinical time allocated. If minimal treatment at that visit would be required, something like smoothing off a chipped edge of tooth removing some  gross tartar, or providing a prescription … then no additional fee is charged. If however, more involved treatment is required, such as replacing a filling that has fallen out, or starting root canal treatment then there would be an additional charge which would be discussed with the patient .

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