Dental treatments at our City of London dentist

Treatment & Fees

Here’s an indication of the dental charges and dentist prices for different treatments. We cannot provide an estimate for a particular treatment over the phone as each dental condition needs individual examination.

dental charges

Fee range

Examination/ consultation:£85 – £185Read more
Fillings (tooth coloured only)£95 – £285Read more
Inlays/Onlays (laboratory made)£450 – £950Read more
Crowns (laboratory made):£950 – £1,450Read more
Veneers (surgery & laboratory made):£300 – £1,250Read more
Tooth extraction:£185 – £650Read more
Root canal treatment:£450 – £950Read more
Implants (without crowns):£1,250 – £1,500Read more
Tooth grinding (Bruxism):From £600Read more
Teeth whitening (‘in surgery’ or ‘at home’ )£360 – £565Read more
Scaling and Hygiene£95 – £195Read more
Emergency Consultation£115Read more

Exact dental charges at our City of London dental practice will be quoted by our dentists (usually as part of a written Treatment Plan) before treatment is started.


Any treatment that involves laboratory work (i.e utilising gold or porcelain) is guaranteed for three years, providing:

  • Any damage is not the result of external trauma.
  • The patient attends our practice at least twice a year for routine dental health and hygiene check-ups.
  • A very good level of oral hygiene is maintained.


Our London dental practice requests two working days notice of cancellations. For each additional hour of appointment time, our dentists require an extra one day’s notice. If adequate notice is not given and we cannot reallocate the appointment time, we will need to charge £95 per half hour.

Note: Cancelling an appointment needs to be done personally by phone or by e-mail on .

Payment methods

Payment is requested on the day at the time of completion of treatment. Payment can be by cash and all credit/debit cards other than American Express. Other payment arrangements must be discussed and approved prior to commencing treatment. We are able to help you arrange 3rd party financing interest free for one year or between 2-5 years at a reduced interest rate.

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