Missed Toothache | A London Patient’s Perspective

There’s nothing like shelling out hundreds of pounds for a dentist appointment in the City, being told your teeth are ‘perfect’, there are no problems and the usual ‘see you again in 6 months’ – to then wake up one morning soon after your appointment, to agonising pain ripping through your lower jaw!

Considering I have never suffered from any form of toothache this was a new area of hypochondriasis even for me. However, I no longer worked in the West End, I now worked in the City, what on earth am I going to do? A few painkillers and it will be fine – 2 hours later – no it definitely wasn’t! Google Google, Google, come on, oh! CAP City Dental comes up. Yep, yep, he looks like he knows what he’s doing…ring, ring…’Anyone in pain get seen as soon as possible…in half an hour, you say? Excellent, I’ll be there!’

That was around a month ago and since then I have had three wisdom teeth surgically removed, around 5 trips to Dr Druttman’s practice and countless hours of mouth rinsing. I should mention I am 27 and without private health insurance. I’ve never considered myself a particularly anxious patient, but it’s amazing what an impacted wisdom tooth will do to your confidence in the dentist’s chair. Fortunately, I was not only in very experienced hands but also very understanding hands. ‘

When were you last at the dentist Catriona?’ – ‘Quite recently, I know my wisdom teeth are coming through but the other dentist said they would be fine’ – ‘Well I’m afraid they are absolutely not fine; they will have to be removed.’

But wait! Who knew having wisdom teeth removed could lead to me grinning like the Cheshire Cat and hugging the staff of CAP City Dental?! Well before we get to that I’d just like to highlight a few things that completely altered the, already traumatic, experience of having these wisdom teeth removed.

  • Has your doctor ever given you their personal mobile number and asked you to check in with them over the weekend to make sure you are OK? No? Didn’t think so. Probably because they don’t really care. Well Dr Druttman gave me his, why? Because he cares about his patients.
  • Have any previous dentists really focused on relaxing you and reducing the anxiety? No? I was given headphones and asked what music I like. And I loved the effect of the Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. I don’t need to say anything else on that. There’s a reason they call it ‘relaxing gas’.
  • You know that moment when a private professional offers you a verity of options and you sit there and you think ‘Oh I wonder which kidney I could live without?’ – I didn’t have that problem with Dr Druttman mainly because he listened to me and understood what I wanted and could afford.

So, the wisdom teeth were removed and I survived the liquid diet of ice cream (what a hardship) for a few days. Sod’s law, I would be one of the few to suffer from a ‘dry socket’ – google it, it’s a bundle of laughs. Dr Druttman was once again on hand to rescue me! A few more days of rather vile tasting mouth rinses, stitch removal and my mouth finally began to feel normal again.

Before photo
Before Photo

Dr Druttman and I agreed that perhaps a really thorough check-up would be in order and I asked him to carry it out. Then came the question ‘Now then Cat, what don’t you like about your smile?’ – ‘I don’t like this and this’ – ‘Shall we fix it?’

Ummmmm….Dollar signs started flashing in my eyes, and I started to panic ‘But won’t it cost megabucks and take years to treat?!’ – ‘Well, actually no’ Dr Druttman responded and he explained to me about composite veneers and their lower cost than porcelain AND that he could fix twenty years of smile issues in two hours!

After Photo
After Photo

A week later and I am still smiling. My teeth are straight, my teeth are white. My smile lives up to my sheer joy at finally having the teeth I’ve always wanted. So if you are wondering how you will ever afford that full set of veneers or course of teeth whitening, can I suggest you call Dr Druttman first? Because I wish I was one of the glowing reviewers that are fortunate enough to have been a patient of his for over a decade. Thankfully I can now proudly state Dr Druttman fixed my smile in London. And his team helped me through a pretty rough few weeks…So there we go. Oh and finally – when they offer you a coffee? Say yes. It’s really good.

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