Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth in Central London

  1. Lost a tooth to gum disease or age?
  2. Teeth that are decaying or need extracting?
  3. Suffering from multiple tooth loss?
  4. Tired of wearing dentures?

Choose an advanced solution with dental implants, the most life-like tooth replacement for missing teeth that provides life-long benefits for patients looking for a better alternative to bridges or dentures.

Cap City Dental was established in 1998 to provide the best quality preventative and aesthetic dental care for London City-based patients.

Types of dental implants Cap City Dental Offer:

  • Single implants: For single tooth loss or an impacted tooth.
  • Multiple implants: For two or more non-adjacent tooth loss.
  • Implant dentures: Removable dentures secured by implants to replace teeth in a row.
  • Implant-supported bridgework: For two or more missing teeth in a row.
  • All-on-4 full arch rehabilitation: For total tooth loss cases or full arch replacement.

Our Approach

  • We listen sympathetically
  • Evaluation for implant suitability
  • Necessary X-rays, CT scans and study models
  • Discuss treatment risks, options and costs
  • Provide a written treatment plan
  • Offer implants and temporary crowns placement at the same visit

Implant Benefits

  • Restore function and aesthetics of a lost tooth*
  • Restore stability of the bite, tooth function and full chewing ability
  • With good care, implants can last a lifetime
  • Stop bone loss and preserve healthy teeth
  • Painless procedure with local anaesthetic and optional sedation
  • Gain confidence with a natural-looking smile
  • No damage to adjacent teeth

*In the case of missing teeth, consult your dentist to establish if implants are suitable for you.

Implant Costs

Dental Implant (Implant, surgery, temporary crown)


Permanent crown


Sedation – gas and air (if required)


Dental implants cost £2,870 per tooth for a single placement, with full arch replacement costing from £9,999. Dental implant financing is available where patients can spread the cost of treatment over 12 months or longer terms with additional APR.
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Every reason to
consider implants

  • 97% success rate that prevents bone loss.
  • More cost-effective in the long term compared to dentures.
  • Can last a lifetime with a durability of 30 years or more.
  • Requires no special care or maintenance.
  • Supports the facial structure to prevent sagging.
  • Do not require other healthy teeth to be affected like with bridges.
  • Do not move, slip or cause sores like with dentures that cover the palate and rely on suction.

Tooth implant illustration

Where to start

As dental implants replace the tooth’s root, they provide better stability for your crown, bridge or denture and, at the same time, prevent facial sagging, bone loss and further tooth loss.

However, most implant types require sufficient bone in the jaw to ensure their success. All-on-4, for total tooth loss, is the only exception, which does not require bone grafts for placement due to the angle at which they’re positioned.

Therefore, as bone loss is common in patients with missing teeth for longer than six months, patients wishing to replace their teeth with conventional implants must undergo a prior consultation to see if they qualify for treatment.

During this consultation, we’ll carry out the necessary CBCT scans and X-rays to examine the health of the jaw and gums and determine if you’re ready to proceed.

The right implant dentists with the right experience

Replacing your missing teeth at our London practice will connect you to some of the city's most experienced and respected restorative dentists.

Your implant dentist:

Choosing Cap City to restore your smile means you’ll have the award-winning implantologist Dr Kleiber on your case, who is widely known for his success working on complex missing teeth cases and caring for patients with a nervous disposition.

So, there’s no need to feel concerned if you think your case is too complex or extensive – Dr Kleiber has seen and worked on it all.

As a frequent lecturer and Member of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI), patients can rest assured they are in safe hands with Dr Kleiber, who is well-respected and often featured regularly across several industry magazines for his results.

Nervous about implant surgery?

It’s not uncommon to be nervous about implant surgery or concerned if it’s painful. As pain is relative, it might not be true if we told you the procedure is pain-free. However, many patients report it feels no different to a tooth extraction, with only pressure being felt during the surgery.  See nervous patients

If you’re a particularly nervous patient, we offer sedation dentistry, like conscious sedation, to ease your worries, or other conscious sedation options like oral sedation. We also offer gas and air (nitrous oxide), for patients more comfortable with this option. During the procedure, you’ll be completely responsive and conscious but have no memory of it – and no memory means no pain.

A 3-6 month process for a final smile

Implants are not an immediate treatment and require a vital healing stage (osseointegration) before a final restoration like a crown, bridge or denture is fitted. Osseointegration is when the implant (a titanium screw) fuses with the jaw bone, preventing your new crown from moving, falling out or failing. After this healing period, which usually takes three months, we can fix the restoration, likely a crown, to provide patients with full function and comfort.

Have a full arch of missing teeth? Wish you could have Teeth in a Day? Explore All-on-4, the only same-day or immediate-loaded implants on the market.