Crooked & Uneven Teeth

Explore the dangers of ignoring crooked teeth

Should You Worry About Uneven Teeth?

Teeth bending and twisting out of shape that are misaligned and crooked are a common problem we've seen thousands of times. And whilst many of our patients have come to us to fix their crooked teeth for aesthetic reasons, we know that treating them as early as possible is often crucial for preventing harmful conditions that can damage a patient's smile in so many different ways. Explore recommended treatments for crooked teeth, or book a consultation with one of our London dentists to see what can be done to save your smile.

Should you straighten?

Is it OK to have crooked teeth? If you have crooked teeth, don’t worry – it’s very common and something we can treat with relative ease.

However, remember that regardless of whether you have a mild or severe case of crooked teeth, ignoring the problem can pose certain oral health risks and encourage conditions like gum disease to thrive. For example, do you have a problem flossing or with plaque and tartar build-up and bleeding gums?

Then, this would suggest your crooked teeth contribute to the issue, making proper oral care difficult and encouraging worrying conditions that can lead to receding gums and tooth loss later down the line.

Causes of crooked teeth

The causes of crooked teeth are only important when it comes to treating the problem.

For example, corrections are simpler when crooked teeth cause overcrowding, hyperdontia (too many teeth), overbites or underbites. Treatments can be more complicated when the cause is down to jaw shape or size, which might require jaw surgery and orthodontics to repair.

We can assess and examine the reason for your crooked teeth with a consultation to explore whether we can treat your malocclusions with orthodontics or cosmetics.

When should you worry about your teeth?

You should be concerned about your smile when conditions like crooked teeth prevent you from carrying out oral hygiene care properly, where symptoms of improper oral care include bleeding and tender and throbbing gums.

Other indicators that should lead you to seek professional dental care are sensitive teeth, tooth pain and discolouration. On a personal note, if you find yourself hiding your smile or avoiding certain social situations because of overcrowding and crooked teeth, you might want to explore treatment to help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst we’re predominantly cosmetic dentists concerned with the balance or harmony of your smile, it’s important that patients are happy and confident with themselves and pursue treatments mostly for the oral health benefits they can bring about.

We’ll never judge you!

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’ve had crooked teeth for decades or are a teenager looking to realign your smile, and we’re here to help you attain optimal oral health and teeth that encourage you to smile every single day. It’s our job to treat problems like crooked teeth, and we would never judge you for having “bad teeth.”

Effects of crooked teeth

One of the major effects of crooked teeth is tooth decay and periodontal disease, which results from being unable to clean between teeth effectively. Other problems associated with crooked teeth include affected speech, difficult or improper chewing, and excess wear and tear on gum, teeth, and jaw muscles.

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