Teeth Straightening

The art and science of creating a natural smile

Crooked teeth are often considered detrimental to an attractive smile. This can be corrected either by orthodontic treatment – straightening and moving teeth into different positions, or by recontouring and veneering your teeth and making them look straight and harmonious.


  • Usually a non-invasive procedure
  • Altering position of teeth
  • Monthly visits for 9-24 months
  • Possible appearance and speech discomfort
  • Requires permanent retention


  • A higher degree of choice of outcome
  • Test your smile with a mock-up
  • Treatment takes up to a few weeks (1-3 visits)
  • No aesthetic disadvantage during treatment
  • Bite not changed so no additional retention required


Re-contouring and Veneering


Orthodontic treatment

Referred specialist*

*Cap City Dental does not not offer orthodontic treatment. However, we can refer patients to a registered orthodontist if appropriate.

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Cap City Tips

Questions to ask your orthodontist

  • What does orthodontic treatment involve?
  • What are the treatment alternatives?
  • How predictable are the results?
  • What is the treatment procedure and how long may it take?
  • How visible will it be?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What type of braces are there other than Invisalign?
  • How uncomfortable is the treatment?
  • Will I have difficulty eating or speaking?
  • How easy it will be to keep my teeth clean?
  • What happens if something breaks?
  • Is teeth straightening treatment permanent?

More on straightening your teeth

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