Why have a post-divorce smile makeover?

In the last couple of weeks there was a spate of articles in the press about how much money people recently divorced spend on themselves to ‘feel better’ or reinvent themselves as more attractive to new potential love interests.

Divorced Couple
The trauma of being recently divorced

Recent survey suggests a woman’s ‘post-divorce reinvention’ costs £13,000.The Daily Mail quoted a woman who spent £65,000, a massive £500 of which was on cosmetic dentistry.

In all fairness, that may be all she needed to create her sexy new smile? So perhaps, for the middle aged British, particularly those that are finding themselves newly ‘available’, a smile makeover may be a great start.

Many people really do get ‘complacent’ about their looks after many years in a relationship. So often one hears middle aged couples say ‘my husband/wife loves me just the way I am ‘and there is a type of man who is happy to pay for his mistress’ dental makeover but ‘love the way his wife looks’, often with her brown, worn, aged smile.

So why do many people start thinking about their teeth seriously when a long term relationship/ marriage comes to an end? Well it’s pretty obvious…motivation.

smile makeover
Smile Makeover: Have motivation to reinvent yourself

Many people after the end a long-term relationship, a divorce, a separation or even a death often feel traumatised, insecure, lacking in self-confidence, and maybe feeling down, if not outright depressed. But…. they do not want to feel that way. Of course, others don’t: they may feel liberated and more in control of themselves. Yet all of them certainly want to make a positive, attractive and appealing impression on any potential ‘interest’.

So the mature, possibly recent single person needs to come across as attractive, self-confident, healthy and warm. There is nothing more appealing and attractive about a person than receiving a big, fat, open warm genuine smile in doing so, that person will obviously show his or her teeth, are they not? Beautiful, natural, healthy and youthful-looking teeth are simply attractive and make the owner of such teeth attractive.

So, making sure you have a lovely, self-confident smile showing healthy, well-maintained, certainly ‘ natural looking’ youthful teeth is alluring, inviting and sexy. This certainly is an impression that anyone wanting to make a fresh, new start in their life and certainly if they are even contemplating the possibility of a new partner would want to make.