What’s the difference: a Hollywood smile & lovely smile

It’s not so different to what identifies beautiful film stars … usually women.

Many really are truly beautiful and memorable. Of course they work hard at their looks, their bodies and indeed, their Hollywood smile.

In most cases , what gives film stars that ‘Hollywood look ‘ is usually the combination of all these great attributes: the perfect body shape, great legs and bum, a sexy cleavage, lovely hair, wonderful face shape, big (looking) eyes and above all and always on show – that fantastic smile with the perfect teeth.  Of course, all of this is most often packaged in beautiful, expensive clothes.

Julia Roberts and her Hollywood smile
Julia Roberts

 What are the factors that contribute to the stunning Hollywood smile with the fabulous teeth?

  • Straight, well-aligned teeth.
  • Youthful teeth … That is teeth that have no wear and no ‘evidence’ of having undergone dental treatment (obvious crowns, fillings etc.), and certainly no evidence of any missing teeth.
  • Teeth whose size and shape is in harmony with each other, the shape of the face and even the body.
  • Teeth that are well proportioned in shape and size.
  • White teeth.
  • Teeth that fill the smile … The Julia Roberts look.
  • And of course, particularly for women … all of these are framed in voluptuous full lips, parting in a wide open, warm, ‘inviting’ smile!

Many people have some, maybe many of these factors, but not all of them!  Most film stars do have all of them.

Have a careful look at the two photographs of the same person shown.  Do you see any difference?

Before Smile Lift
Before Smile Lift

Most people say…. ‘Oh yes ‘ the teeth are whiter in the second image’.

No they are not. They just look it because there is ‘more tooth’ showing in the second photograph. So there is more white material (tooth enamel) visible in the smile.

Look carefully…. The smile looks wider as the dental arch fills the mouth. Notice how in the first image the teeth behind the upper canines disappear a little into the inside of the mouth, particularly on the right.

There is an ’empty corridor’ between the outside surfaces of the upper

After smile lift
After smile lift

side teeth and where the lips meeting at an angle at the side of each side of the mouth. Notice that in the second photograph, the side teeth ‘fill the smile ‘ right up to the corners of the mouth. The ‘ corridor ‘ is filled with tooth enamel. The dental procedure that can achieve that is called the ‘Smile Lift’.

Beauty is a matter of personal opinion. The first photograph does show a lovely smile. Do you prefer the second one?

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