Smile your way into that new City job

It’s the big day. You’ve done all your preparation and research. You know all the answers to every potential question they could ask you, back to front. But are you as prepared as you think you are?

Once you’ve reached the interview stage, you’ve evidentially proved your credentials. Now, they want to meet you to grill you further, but in this face-to-face situation, how you present yourself and the perception you give will come into play in a big way.

So, what can you do to land that dream offer? Make sure you are dressed appropriately, that hair, make-up and scent are discreet and that your body language is warm and inviting. But most importantly…SMILE. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but a smile can reveal more about a person than first thought.

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Smile Your Way Into That New Job Or Promotion

Smiling will help you to be perceived by your interviewer as a warm and welcoming individual that they feel would be a pleasure to work with, so you want to present the best smile possible. This means not only brushing your teeth and flossing but eliminating all traces of bad breath.

Everyone has bad breath now and then, but getting rid of it can prove to be a bit more complicated. Regular, thorough tooth brushing, flossing and mouthwash to remove plaque, where bacteria lives and contributes to bad breath, will be enough for some to eliminate bad breath.

Others may require a visit to their dentist to remove tartar, which hardened plaque, in order to remove all traces of bad breath. For some, their dental visit may reveal that they need further and more extensive treatment as they have cavities or gum disease that is contributing to their bad breath that they are finding nearly impossible to shift. Book your dental check up in the City.

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Covering Bad Breath

Your mouth contains millions of bacteria; there is bacteria colonized in your mouth than there are cells in your entire body! It is the bacteria that causes an odor as a byproduct when they digest their food. This is why it is important to keep your mouth clean to avoid bad breath. Although mouthwash can kill bacteria, this is simply a temporary measure and brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is the best defense to take, as this is what removes food trapped between your teeth and in the gum line. Allow these food particles to linger, and of course bad breath is unavoidable. Also remember to brush your tongue, either with your toothbrush or use a tongue scraper, as your tongue is home to a potentially foul-smelling combination of dead cells, food debris and bacteria.

If you are still suffering from chronic bad breath while employing a good hygiene technique at home, a visit to your dentist is the next step to take. One of the most common causes of persistent bad breath is a lack of regular trips to the dentist. It is recommended that you have two dental cleans a year and four for those who experience a faster tartar build-up. A dental clean should eliminate your persistent bad breath as plaque is removed and hardened tartar, which left untreated can lead to gum disease. The dentist can also see if there are any other problems you may have that are contributing to you having bad breath.

Bad Breath Man
Bad Breath Putting People Off

So, you wouldn’t turn up to an interview looking scruffy and unprepared, so don’t neglect your mouth either! There is no point in you being an excellent candidate and letting yourself down by putting off the interviewer with bad breath! You will also feel more confident if your mouth is clean, and then you can dazzle them with a wonderful smile that presents you as the best candidate and wins you that job or promotion.

Good Luck!

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