How to find good smile makeover advice

Do you feel uncomfortable showing your teeth when smiling but not sure how to improve the appearance of your teeth? Are you unsure where to find good smile makeover advice and how to improve your smile cost-effectively? Read our answers to the smile makeover questions below and contact us if we can be of any help.

I have a really important occasion coming up very soon and I want to improve my smile quickly and not too expensively, can I ?

Answer: Yes you almost certainly can. From the point of view of both time and keeping costs down, the material of choice would be quartz composite rather than porcelain.

Veneering a number of teeth (anywhere between two and twelve, usually upper ones) in this material can be done in one visit, all on the same day. Again, depending on how many teeth are involved, such an appointment can take anywhere between one hour and the best part of an entire day.

Consequently, you can walk out on the same day with your smile ‘transformed’. Moreover, the smile makeover procedure is unlikely to need even a local anaesthetic, so you won’t even be numb AND it certainly should cause no discomfort at all. Is the appearance of your teeth ageing you prematurely?

The fee obviously also depends on the number of teeth and time taken. Generally the range is about £400 to £3,000. Obviously, if the treatment is carried out in the harder, stronger and longer-lasting porcelain material, the fees are likely to be about three to five times larger. However it would require more appointments. See the power of a great smile.

My teeth are short and stubby. I hardly show them when I smile. What can be done?Smile makeover patient 10

Answer: This depends on why they are ‘short and stubby’. If the cause is that they are naturally small and maybe there are even unsightly gaps between them, then these teeth can be made wider and/or longer by bonding tooth-coloured veneers on them. These are made of either quartz composite or porcelain.  What kind of smile would you like to have?

Sometimes, it may be enough just to bond some colour-matched composite material to the sides of teeth to make them wider; perhaps without the need for placing full veneers.

Another cause may be that teeth have been ‘worn done’ over a period of time by the aggressive, usually night-time, tooth grinding (bruxing) habit of the individual. In that event, they can be built up to be longer, the same way with veneers. However, this latter case tends to be more complex in that sometimes the bite needs to be ‘opened’ to allow for more space to place these restorations and porcelain, as a material, is more likely to be advised, rather than composite, as it is much harder and do more wear resistant.

An experienced dentist would advise and discuss appropriately.

My dentist doesn’t seem too interested or knowledgeable about smile aesthetics. How do I find some really good advice?

Answer: The answer to this question may be self-evident: find another dentist. Your existing dentist may even be technically excellent; he or she may simply not have an aesthetic or ‘artistic’ eye! They may not be able to visualize or interpret and certainly not carry out the changes as ‘aesthetically’ as you may want and need.

The challenge for you may be how to ‘find’ an appropriate cosmetically orientated dentist that can also actually ‘see’ and carry out the treatment to a high standard? Unfortunately, ‘asking’ your existing dentist may be unlikely to provide the best answer.

In today’s world, the best way may be to initially look online, have a very thorough browse at the sites of different dentists and then, based on what you ‘see and read’, book a consultation.

Getting more than one opinion may cost a little more, but it may well be a good idea sometimes. It is very important to see actual ‘before and after’ photographs of other and similar cases the dentist has completed him or herself. By asking lots of questions, you may get a fairly accurate picture of the experience, approach and the sort of results you can expect, as well as the options and costs available to you of the particular practitioners.

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