Dental veneers for use in smile makeovers

Common assumptions and perceptions

Are you happy with your smile? Do you feel you might need a Smile makeover? Of course, you might simply not want or feel you need one. In that case, read no further.

If you aren’t completely happy with the appearance of your teeth and smile, there may be all sorts of reasons why you have not done anything about it, and they may well be based on wrong assumptions or misconceptions. Do any of these statements apply to you?

Veneers will damage my own teeth

The use of quartz composite particularly allows for a very ‘conservative’, tooth enamel saving technique. In most cases, no natural enamel needs to be removed as the procedure is an ‘add on’ one. If the composite were removed the teeth would look the same as they did ‘before’ treatment.

The treatment will hurt

As no tooth is drilled into, the only sensation that might be felt is a slight vibration on the tooth. There is almost NO sensation, let alone ‘pain’ and so, in most cases, there is no need for local anaesthetic (the ‘needle’).

I suffer from dental anxiety

Many patients are anxious about any dental procedure. The use of conscious inhalation sedation using ‘Relaxing Gas’ (Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen) is very safe and it can make a huge difference to an anxious patient’s acceptance and tolerance of any dental procedure and certainly a non-invasive cosmetic treatment such as this. We have over 30 years of experience in helping patients to overcome dental anxiety.

I will not look ‘like me’ anymore

Yes, you will; see the attached photos. People only recognise you by your teeth if there is something that ‘stands’ out, or they look awful. Beautiful teeth blend into the face and should look completely ‘natural’. Compare these two smiles.

I cannot afford the time

Multiple quartz composite veneers applied, sculpted, and polished in the surgery can all be done in one appointment, the duration of which depends on the number of teeth being so treated.

The treatment will cost too much

How much do you think it would be in your own case? How much is ‘too much’?The actual amount will depend largely on how many teeth involved and to what extent an ‘economy of scale’ is applied. The greater number of teeth are treated, the less the per unit cost of treatment.
It will also depend on the restorative material used. There are generally two kinds of tooth-colored material…quartz composite and porcelain. They have different ‘properties’, different ‘advantages and disadvantages, and certainly different costs.  Read more about the comparison between different dental materials and costs.

There may be additional costs, for example:

  • You may want tooth whitening natural teeth on either side of uppers (if less than all teeth in smile zone veneered) and opposing lower teeth: £359-£600 (additional 2hr) appointment.
  • You may require relaxing gas, particularly if you are dentally anxious: £135 to £285 for a treatment session (depends how long). 

Our examples of treatment with quartz composite include:

Case 1: Young woman

Treatment provided: Composite veneers on upper front four incisor teeth and aesthetic re-contouring of lower front incisor teeth. Fee: £ 1,200. One appointment of 2 hours.

Young lady before smile makeover Young woman after a smile makeover

Case 2: Middle-aged woman

Treatment provided: Composite veneers on upper ten teeth and lower front incisor and aesthetic recontouring of lower teeth. Fee: £ 2,300. One appointment of 5 hours (½ day).

Woman after a smile makeoverMiddle aged woman before smile makeover

If you are serious about considering getting a smile you would be really happy with, you need to find a dentist who you are confident has the expertise and the approach that suits you. You need to be examined properly, have a thorough consultation in which you can voice your concerns and requirements and in which the practitioner can explain all the treatment options available to you. Only then can you make a considered and informed decision. We hope that our article on How to recognise a good dentist will help you to find a right person.

clear aligners photo