Mock-ups and dental digital imaging

These are ways to show you how proposed cosmetic changes will look on your teeth. A totally reversible dental mock-up on your existing teeth is the most accurate and useful technique for showing the majority of possible aesthetic changes.

Fully reversible dental mock-up: Dr George Druttman is a skilled cosmetic dentist based in London City EC4. He specializes in applying a mock-up of dental enhancements, using tooth coloured composite material that’s applied over the existing teeth. It’s an excellent 3-D way to visualise the dramatic changes that aesthetic dentistry can offer.

Dental imaging via special software: An alternative (and quicker) approach is to take a photo and use special software to simulate the aesthetic improvement. However this approach is not as effective or accurate as doing a 3-D dental mock-up.

Dr George Druttman is one of the few cosmetic dentists in the London City EC4 area to use this special technique of dental mock-ups prior to cosmetic dental changes.

clear aligners photo