Smile Design

Test drive your smile

Like building a house, a 3-D model will give you a deeper insight than a 2-D plan. So too with cosmetic dentistry – we are able to build-up totally reversible temporary surfaces on your existing teeth, letting you visualise and test the feel of your proposed smile.


We offer mock-ups for cases with significant smile changes including:

  • Broadening your smile
  • Enlarging or lengthening teeth
  • Restoring natural size and shape
  • Correcting crooked or gappy teeth
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Restoring function and aesthetics


Test and try your desired smile before deciding on treatment.

  • Mock-ups look and feel natural
  • Safe and totally reversible procedure
  • A comfortable and non-invasive technique
  • One-appointment procedure
  • Control over your new smile and look
  • Quick to build, easy to modify
  • Before and after photos will help

Once you are satisfied with the feel and look of the composite mock-up, we will take impressions that will be used as a blueprint for building porcelain veneers that are harder, stronger, and more durable. Your permanent teeth will look even better and more natural than the mock-up. More on designing smiles.


Dental Mock-up


*Time and cost depends on complexity of treatment and time required

If you would like more information about dental mockups call us today.

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The wonders of porcelain for smile makeovers

If you are completely happy with your mockups it can be replaced with porcelain materials offering the following benefits:

  • The material closest to natural human enamel
  • Retains its beauty over the years
  • Strong and durable material
  • Does not wear out
  • Requires no extra maintenance
  • Made in the laboratory
  • Requires a minimum of two visits
  • Valuable long-term investment

clear aligners photo