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Making Dream Smiles a Reality

Gappy, narrow or uneven smile? Chipped or broken teeth stopping you from smiling? Teeth looking a little yellow, or are stained or discolouring? We can help.

30 Years of Cosmetic Dental Experience

As cosmetic dentists practising in the City of London for over 30 years, we’ve helped patients like you in the thousands transform their smiles using natural, minimally invasive methods that achieve balance and harmony – not exaggerated concepts of perfection.

With immediate, same-day procedures four minutes from Liverpool Station, Moorgate, and Bank stations, we can improve your smile with cosmetic treatments in just one appointment.

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Nearly 200 reviews and a 4.9-star rating

Cap City Dental is perfect, and our reviews and results prove it. Our gifted, talented cosmetic and implant dentists place hundreds of veneers and implants per month and have three decades’ worth of experience perfecting smiles. Our cosmetic treatments aim to preserve the teeth and uphold the natural smile image and thus involve no drilling, injections or excessive etching.

Cap City hand-selects well-respected cosmetic dentists who strive for high-end results in custom-creating beautiful smiles. We also seek out restorative dentists who go the extra mile in their areas to make the impossible possible for many of our patients, who have been told ‘no’ in the past.

Choosing Cap City often means that patients with complex cases, whether cosmetic or restorative, can have several dentists who are experienced in different fields work on their cases to improve and restore their smiles to a healthy, balanced state.

Complete Smile Makeovers

Patients wishing to design a new smile can meet with our dentists and smile designers to sculpt a smile they’ve always dreamed of artistically. At Cap City Dental, we can use a combination of treatments to deliver the results within a specific timeframe. For example, smile makeovers are usually very popular for upcoming weddings, where patients might choose to combine treatments like Invisalign, veneers, whitening and bonding.

“I have been so incredibly impressed with my experiences at CAP City Dental. George has been so professional and caring and has a wealth of experience in dentistry. I have had a variety of treatments over many years with George, and he is the only dentist I have ever come across who has been able to ease my anxiety surrounding dental treatment. The new Austin Friars premises are so well located in the heart of London, and it’s actually a tranquil experience to attend appointments 100% recommended!” Sarah, London

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