Dental techniques for repairing a chipped tooth

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Repairing a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Tooth chipped off for no reason? Broken in half? Or slightly chipped? We understand from personal experience just how worrying this can be, especially from an aesthetics perspective. But don't worry, our cosmetic dentists can fix a chipped tooth in only an hour at our dental practice in central London. Minimum cost to expect is £95. Fix a chipped tooth.

Multiple ways to fix a chipped tooth

How we treat your chipped tooth depends on the reason for its break. For example, simple treatments like fillings can fill in the gaps caused by cracks.

In the case of small chips, we can either rebuild and smooth the edges of your chipped tooth with tooth-coloured fillings or contour the teeth and reshape them.

Other inexpensive solutions for small chips include composite bonding and composite veneers.

However, in the case of larger breaks, where the tooth has broken in half, we might recommend a dental crown instead.

Explore veneers as an alternative option.

Costs to repair a chipped tooth

The cost to fix a chipped tooth will depend on the treatment selected, so we’ve broken down each solution and their costs:

  • White fillings from £95
  • Tooth contouring from £100
  • Composite bonding from £250
  • Composite veneers from £350
  • Dental crowns from £950
  • Porcelain veneers from £1,150


Cosmetic solutions like bonding and veneers often fix large and small chips in the front tooth. Breaks and chips in the back teeth (a broken cusp) might be better repaired with a crown or filling.

*Dental insurance accepted. Payment plans are possible.

What happens if your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt?

Regardless of whether your chipped tooth hurts, patients are always encouraged to involve a general dentist so they can assess any damage to the tooth, especially when the chip is bigger than a quarter-inch in size. Minor damage to a tooth that’s not painful can still put you at risk for developing a tooth infection or other oral health complications, so you must get your tooth looked at as soon as possible.

Chipped tooth pain

A chipped or broken tooth is usually not serious, but sometimes, after chipping a tooth, breaks in the tooth enamel expose the nerves and blood vessels in the pulp of your teeth, which causes sensitivity and tooth pain. If you’re in pain because of your chipped tooth, book an emergency appointment with us and be seen today. There’s no fee for the appointment if you decide to proceed with treatment today.

How to fix a chipped tooth at home

Patients should never risk a chipped tooth. Just like any dental treatment, trying to repair and fix a broken tooth at home is not recommended. Plus, there’s little you’ll be able to do at home to actually fix the issue. Rather, your focus should be on trying to alleviate any discomfort and protect your mouth before your next dental appointment. Methods like trying to use glue to repair the tooth will only cause you more hassle and put you at risk of swallowing the broken piece when it breaks off again.

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