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How long should dentistry last?

We know that high quality dentistry, using superior materials, results in long-lived dental restorations. Here’s why it’s successful. In Part 1 we gave an overview about the different kinds of restorative materials used in dentistry and when one type should be used rather than another. Now we go into more detail for the technically-minded. Preparation […] Read more ›

How permanent is good dentistry?

Many people have to undertake extensive dentistry and find it expensive. But is it good long-term value? Even if they don’t ask, the dentist should. “Having made this investment in my teeth, how long will the restoration last?” It’s a question that many patients ask their dental practitioner – often when synthetic materials are used […] Read more ›

A Lifetime Gift To Your Children

What are the most valuable gifts you can bestow on your children? Well they are ‘things’ that will certainly improve the quality of their lives! So obviously, they are education, love , instilling self confidence, good diet , teaching personal hygiene etc. However, there is one quality that alas, many people, particularly in this country, might […] Read more ›