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Tooth clenching & grinding. Is this you ?

Tooth clenching and grinding are two separate habits, although many associate both with stress. The clenching is a daytime habit and generally is conscious. That means patients finding themselves clenching, can stop (unclench). This is usually the result of someone feeling angry, impatient or frustrated. The grinding (known as bruxism or bruxing) is a night […] Read more ›

Tooth grinding (bruxism): are you self-destructing?

Some people are habitually prone to tooth grinding, often during sleep. Both children and adults do this, almost always at night. Typically tooth grinding is associated with stress and/or anxiety. Dentists call teeth grinding and clenching bruxing. Bruxing can deform the natural shape of teeth, but there are several things that can be done to […] Read more ›

Dental conditions that can be prevented (part 2)

Crooked Teeth  Crooked or misaligned teeth are a result of a genetic influence predisposed by a racial preponderance, for example most commonly occurring in the Celtic and Japanese races and least commonly in Slav and African. The most common malocclusions (badly ‘arranged and fitting’ teeth) are those where there is not enough space in the jaw […] Read more ›