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Dental conditions that can be prevented (part 2)

Crooked Teeth  Crooked or misaligned teeth are a result of a genetic influence predisposed by a racial preponderance, for example most commonly occurring in the Celtic and Japanese races and least commonly in Slav and African. The most common malocclusions (badly ‘arranged and fitting’ teeth) are those where there is not enough space in the jaw […] Read more ›

Is it getting boring talking about smoking?

Well, who doesn’t know about all the ‘wonderful benefits’ of smoking ? Greatly Increased likelihood of : A) Lung , throat, mouth, tongue cancer. B) Heart disease C) Emphysema (permanently reduced lung function). D) Reduction in fitness and an increase in tiredness . And a host of many other pretty nasty conditions. The problem is […] Read more ›

Not brushing your teeth properly? You’re only increasing your chance of contracting nasty diseases.

You probably think that poor oral hygiene and not taking the utmost care of your mouth would only impact on the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. You are wrong. Numerous studies have shown links between the health of your mouth and the implications it has on your overall health. Perhaps the most well […] Read more ›