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Why visit a dentist: Fix or prevent?

There are fundamentally two reasons why people visit the dentist: to fix a problem or  address an issue or for ‘prevention’. Certainly if there is pain , a tooth fracture, something is uncomfortable, bad breath or poor dental aesthetics … you would expect a dentist to fix these. What is ‘prevention’ and why? In today’s world […] Read more ›

root canal treatment illustration

Demystifying root canal treatment

Many people have a deep-seated fear of root canal (endodontic) treatment. They will say ‘not as bad as a root canal’ – as if it is one of the worst human experiences. Such fears are unfounded. In professional hands, root canal treatment is the best way to keep your natural teeth and preserve good dental […] Read more ›

Dental gobbledygook

Dental gobbledygook in the press

Having read so many articles on dentists and dentistry in the UK press over many years, almost all of it is invariably negative, the headlined article in the Daily Express from 25th October (Fillings could rot your teeth: Shock new research means dentists must rethink treatment) absolutely wins the prize for unbelievable stupidity. What was it […] Read more ›