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Toothache: commonest causes & treatment options.

  What are the commonest causes of a toothache? Toothache is almost  always the result of ‘bacterial invasion’  into either the hard or soft tissue of the mouths. It is almost always caused by bacterial invasion of the teeth or gums. The problem is that  by the time a patient perceives or becomes aware of having […] Read more ›

What is really stopping you getting a great smile? (part 1)

Very few people will deny that having a beautiful smile, particularly in today’s world, is a great asset, socially, professionally and in terms of self esteem. So what might stop an individual who doesn’t have a great smile getting one? The answer is almost always fear … but fear of what?  Do any of the […] Read more ›

Will beautiful teeth help you get the job you want?

Many people will have an ‘opinion’ on whether or not beautiful teeth will help you get the job you want. Generally the Americans will say ‘most definitely’. The Brits are more likely to maintain that one’s talents, achievements and experience are far more important than ‘looks’. After all we don’t suffer from the Yanks’ obsession. […] Read more ›

Julia Roberts and her Hollywood smile

What’s the difference: Hollywood smile & lovely smile

It’s not so different to what identifies beautiful film stars … usually women. Many really are truly beautiful and memorable. Of course they work hard at their looks, their bodies and indeed, their Hollywood smile. In most cases , what gives film stars that ‘Hollywood look ‘ is usually the combination of all these great […] Read more ›