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Your Smile Makeover Questions Answered (part 1)

Over the next few weeks a series of commonly asked ‘aesthetic dentistry’ questions and answers will be published . The following smile makeover questions will be answered today: If I have a ‘makeover’ on my teeth, will any of my own natural tooth be destroyed? How long do these veneers last and what can go wrong? What happens […] Read more ›

Man looking surprised as the press demonises the UK dental professions

Demonising the dental profession

Two weeks ago, we posted a blog commenting on the Times’ front page headline, termed ‘The great dental rip off‘ which ‘ripped into’ NHS dentists. Three days later the same newspaper decided to try to do a complete ‘hatchet job’ covering the entire dental profession (over 40,000 dentists in the UK) and wrote an article  on […] Read more ›