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A crown for a tooth.

When and why does a dentist recommend a crown for a tooth. It is important to fully understand the rationale for the recommendation that a tooth be crowned. Like fillings, crowns ‘restore’ the integrity of a tooth after it has been damaged either by trauma or disease (e.g. decay). There will be times when the […] Read more ›

What is the value of regular dental check-ups?

Years ago, it was established procedure that many people went for dental check-ups and hygiene regularly every six months. This seems to have become less common in recent years. Why? Generally dental health has improved quite significantly over the last twenty years and people seem to need less ‘routine’ dentistry. That assertion needs to be […] Read more ›

Dental specialties: when can you expect to be referred to a specialist?

Dentistry, like medicine, has dental specialties across various fields.  All of these specialists would have undertaken formal postgraduate courses to qualify them and enable them to be registered as such. The GDC (General Dental Council) maintains a register of accredited dental specialists in the UK. Those with foreign training are evaluated and may also be […] Read more ›

Your smile makeover questions answered (part 2)

Questions about dental smile makeover are very popular and we hope you will find our answers of help: Does it hurt to do a smile makeover? I am really scared of dentistry. Answer:  No it does not hurt to have any form of dentistry today and generally, ‘cosmetic’ dentistry involves even less ‘sensation’ than other treatments…. […] Read more ›