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How long is dentistry supposed to last?

This is a question so often asked when one is recommending a dental procedure or restoration. This is not only important relative to establishing reasonable and realistic expectations for the patient but it also relates to the cost or rather, far more accurately, the value of the treatment. Below is a list of common treatments […] Read more ›

Your smile makeover questions answered (part 2)

Questions about dental smile makeover are very popular and we hope you will find our answers of help: Does it hurt to do a smile makeover? I am really scared of dentistry. Answer:  No it does not hurt to have any form of dentistry today and generally, ‘cosmetic’ dentistry involves even less ‘sensation’ than other treatments…. […] Read more ›

Man looking surprised as the press demonises the UK dental professions

Demonising the dental profession

Two weeks ago, we posted a blog commenting on the Times’ front page headline, termed ‘The great dental rip off‘ which ‘ripped into’ NHS dentists. Three days later the same newspaper decided to try to do a complete ‘hatchet job’ covering the entire dental profession (over 40,000 dentists in the UK) and wrote an article  on […] Read more ›