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West-End quality in the City of London

CAP City Dental was established in 1998 in Cannon Street, City of London EC4 by our principal dentist Dr George Druttman. He had spent a few years in Wimpole St  and realised that there was a need for a top quality West End type dental service for the City. Our Cannon Street dentist practice was established to provide the best quality preventative and aesthetic dental care for London City based patients, so that they did not need to spend time traveling to dental appointments in the West End or take too much time off work by visiting a dentist close to their home.

We  provide comprehensive solution options for almost any dental problem in a quick, efficient manner. Written treatment plans are given and flexible accommodating treatment times are offered  to take into account the patients’ time and work constraints. CAP City Dental offers patients the use of ‘relaxing gas’ during treatment, a popular form of sedation, especially for the nervous/ anxious patient, that truly relaxes  the patient from the treatment being carried out . Invariably all patients are almost always easily able to return to work within minutes of their dental treatment .

Dr Druttman has over 30 years international experience  having carried out many hundreds of ‘smile makeovers’. This can vary from just dealing with a couple of teeth , some tooth whitening an perhaps a bit of minor aesthetic re-shaping all the way  to crowning or veneering up to full mouth of upper and lower teeth . Although often the restorations are carried out in porcelain , we have done very many large cases in a more economical solution, though not as long lasting’  as porcelain.

Cap City Dental also has specialists that can offer you a wide variety of other dental treatments, including implants and Six Month Smiles treatment.

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