Broken Teeth

How do dentists fix broken teeth?

Broken Teeth Treatment

Can a broken teeth be fixed? Of course it can! Chipped, half my tooth broke off, broken, cracked and fractured teeth can easily be treated by our dentists, but you'll need to act fast so that we can prevent further damage. It's best to book an emergency appointment in this kind of situation, which at our central London clinic is charged at £95 . However, if you choose us for treatment, you'll only pay for the procedure. Get an appointment today.

Broken teeth treatment price (UK)

Small chipped tooth repair costs:

Broken in half tooth costs:

What to do with a broken tooth until the dentist

If you have the remains of your broken tooth, rinse with warm water to remove debris then, if possible, store it in milk and book an emergency appointment with a dentist like us to repair it. We might be able to glue the fragment back onto the tooth if you act quickly. To ease pain caused by broken teeth, take OTC pain relievers and try saltwater rinses and teething gels to reduce sensitivity. Ice can also be used to reduce swelling.

Types of broken teeth

Different treatments are recommended depending on the broken tooth type or the extent of the break. For example, we cannot place a veneer if more than half of the tooth has broken away, so different treatments exist for varying scenarios, which we break down below.

  • Tooth cracked in half: Dental crowns are used to protect the cracked tooth, but if the crack is too deep, the tooth will likely need to be extracted and replaced with an implant.
  • Chipped or broken teeth (less than half): Dental veneers and bonding can be used to repair chipped teeth and improve the overall appearance.
  • Broken tooth (half of the tooth broken off): Dental crowns and extractions are two ways we can restore your smile.
  • Broken at the gum line: The tooth will require extraction, which is simpler and faster than removing a complete tooth. We can then look into replacing the tooth with a prosthetic like an implant.

“What should I do if my teeth break?”

In cases where front teeth break or chip, you might feel compelled to act quickly to repair them for aesthetic purposes. But it’s also important to involve a dentist to discover why the tooth has broken off in the first place, if not down to an accident. Ignoring weak and fractured teeth is not recommended as you could cause further damage as cracks in teeth allow bacteria to enter and infections to form, which might cause you to lose the tooth.

How long can a broken tooth go untreated?

When a cracked tooth goes ignored for an extended amount of time, patients can almost always expect complications. Chips and breaks in your teeth allow bacteria to enter, and when this goes untreated, decay will eventually settle in, causing infections to spread resulting in tooth pain and sensitivity. A root canal will then likely be recommended to clear infections in the pulp and as a last attempt to save your tooth.

Why are pieces of my teeth breaking off?

Due to improper oral hygiene care, teeth might become susceptible or more vulnerable to conditions like decay and cavities that, when left untreated, weaken the teeth, causing them to chip and break. Other habits like teeth grinding and clenching can also cause teeth to wear or break, which you might be unaware of as bruxism is often common as you sleep. Sometimes, it’s tartar that falls and breaks off of teeth and not the actual tooth itself.

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