Dental video consultation

Even during this coronavirus lockdown period (when dental practices are closed), you can still get help from CAP City Dental. I’m glad to offer you a video consultation with my compliments. It’s an opportunity for you to get more information about your dental health.

Ways we can help

For example, what about Dental Anxiety? Do you avoid treatment because of it? Having a relaxed video chat can be an excellent way to dispel your fears.

A lot of clinical work deals with Dental Aesthetics. What bothers you about your smile? That extruding tooth, front gap or darker tooth? Maybe it can be fixed quicker and cheaper than you think!

Anything involving Dental Pain or discomfort is a wake-up call. Tell me about it and together we can move forward towards finding a solution.

So how to start the consultation? Here are some questions that I often get asked:

Dental issues and topics

  • Having a tooth removed – Do I really need it? Will it hurt?
  • Root canal treatment – What’s involved here? Will it work? Will it hurt? Is it expensive?
  • Getting a crown – Why do I need a crown? What will it do?
  • Bleeding gums – No matter what I do, they keep bleeding. What can stop it?
  • Hypersensitivity – My teeth are always sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Special toothpastes don’t help. What can?
  • Veneers on teeth – Why are porcelain veneers so expensive than composite?

Emergency dental care

We don’t know how long the present restrictive situation will last. If you have a problem that demands immediate attention you can contact me for a free assessment and further help.

An online environment is an excellent place for discussing your dental history and experiences. Such inputs can give me valuable clues as to how best to advise you.

Do get in touch with us or book your free video consultation here – Book Appointment

Live Chat

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