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Being guided about what can be done gives you the power to choose what you may want or need. Having more information helps you to make truly informed decisions. These dental articles and videos are designed to give you that information.

Dental articles and videos from CAP City Dental

A lot of what’s important in dentistry is below the viewing line

Over his three decades of international dental practice, including post-graduate specialist training in the USA, London dentist Dr George Druttman has accumulated a wealth of know-how about dental problems and issues. His practice is in the London City EC4 area.

Look over any of his articles that may be of particular interest to you:


How to recognise who’s a good dentist – These guidelines help you define the parameters of quality dental professional care. More

The power of the smile – Part of the aura of success is having a pleasant and aesthetic smile. It also makes you feel much better about yourself. More

Calming the nervous patient – There are many ways today in which an empathetic and skilled dentist can help anxious patients to relax. More

Getting a perspective on dental fees – Dental fee levels are the sum of many different contributing factors. You need to understand them. More

How to prevent tooth grinding – It’s an ‘epidemic’ of the modern western world. There are several ways to prevent you from grinding and wearing down your teeth at night. More

The value of dental check-ups – Regular dental maintenance is one of the best ways to keep ‘Teeth for Life’ and need less dentistry with less cost over a lifetime. More

Booklet: A Guide to Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr George Druttman has written this booklet to help you make your own educated and informed dental choices. It expands and adds to the points made in this web site. Just reading the booklet will result in improved dental health, function and aesthetics in your mouth. Download your free copy.

London dentist Dr George Druttman’s practice is in Cannon Street, City of London,  EC4

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