Our Approach

Ensuring top dental health now and into the future

As well as investing in the latest dental equipment and restorative materials, our approach to dental care is based on three core pillars of dental attention: Health, Function and Aesthetics. These areas overlap and each one affects your physical, functional and emotional well-being.

Dental Health

In many cases, this is a basic, yet partially implemented, aspect of oral care. The greatest cause of tooth loss is gum disease – but dental decay in teeth can still go unnoticed unless there is optical magnification of suspect areas.

We ensure that every patient’s teeth are plaque- and disease-free for a long and consistent period. We’re gratified that there’s a high success rate among our ‘regular care’ patients.

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Dental Function

This is often ignored, misunderstood or not taken seriously element by many patients  with many dentists not giving it the attention it deserves. Different teeth have different functions and they are all important.

We check the adequacy and effectiveness of the way that our patients’ teeth function and make the necessary corrections.

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Dental Aesthetics

This is about the attractiveness of the face and the smile. It may need somebody besides the ‘owner’ to point out what can be improved. In many cases the trigger to improve a patient’s looks comes from an experienced and aesthetically orientated dentist.

Having attractive teeth gives us greater self confidence. It makes us feel younger and more likely to smile openly. It attracts others to us both personally and professionally.

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